Martial Activities

Marshal of Heavy:Sir Sextus Plinius Callidus

Tournament Starts at 11am

Bear Pit using modified Birka Rules

The basic rules will be explained prior to the tournament, but basically it will run like this-

-Fighters will form one line. A marshal at the end of the line will direct the fighters to an open list.
- A fighter is engaged as soon as he/she enters the list.
- Each fighter will carry an index card and the marshal will mark the wins after each bout.
- 1 point for a win, no points for a loss
- Double kills will result in 0 points and both fighters must leave the list.
- Any fighter who knocks down a list rope during the course of the fight forfeits that bout.
-Any fighter who deliberately pushes a fighter into the ropes also forfeits that bout.
-Wounds are NOT retained. A fighter must leave the list after 5 consecutive wins.
- Fighters may NOT drop to their knees. Two good blows to the legs are considered a kill.

Marshal of Rapier: Don Berhend von Elmendorf

Main Tournament Starts at 11am

Pooled Round Robin

There might be a second tournament. TBA.

Marshal of Cut & Thrust:

Marshal of Youth Combat: Baron Edward Harbinger

Tournament Time TBA

Marshal of Youth Fencing: Lady Brigette de Sainte Mere-Église

Tournament Time TBA





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