Children's Area

Children’s Area Coordinator: Nycaise D'Ozier la Tailoresse

Unstructured Play is Available All Day All Children MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Ensure that your little ones have as much fun as you do at Ice Dragon by visiting the Children's area!

We have a wide selection of activities designed for children to do (with their parents in attendance) including:

  • Scavenger hunt with a prize!
  • Mini marshmallow catapult project!
  • Playdough station!
  • Coloring/arts and crafts stations!
  • Crown/paper hat decorating station!
  • Toys available for play time!

These are all DIY/Project stations and no structured activities or classes will be offered in the children's area. Parents are required to stay with their children and supervise all play and activities. Thank you!

If you would like to provide a structured activity, or donate supplies to the Children’s area, please contact the Children’s Activities Coordinator.

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