Martial Activities

Head Minister of Lists: Lady Thalia Papillon email MOL.dragon
Head Rattan Marshal: Lord Abdul Ishkhan Al-Rashid
Head Fencing Marshal: Baron Caleb Reynolds


Come ye brave individuals and demonstrate your Heavy fighting prowess in the Traditional Ice Dragon Bear Pit!

* There will be a limit of 5 wins.
* 1 point is awarded for each fight.
* There will be no re-fight ties, but each will receive a point.

Pickups will start after Morning Court.

Tournament starts at noon, or 1/2 hour after morning court if court is running late.

 Heavy Youth: 

Young heavy fighters are invited to compete in a Round Robin Tournament. The tournament is set to begin right after morning court or 11am whichever is later, inspections will happen at that time.


Calling all fierce fencers to show your skill! Behold! The Fencing Tourney Details: 

10:00am: Inspections
11:00am: Tourney 1 starts
12:00pm: Tourney 1 ends.
1:00pm: Tourney 2 starts <
4:00pm: Fencing ends.

Tourney 1:

* Standard bear pit.
* 1 point for entering.
* 1 point for winning.      
* Double kills: dead is dead, both lose.

Tourney 2:

* Two on two melee bear pit and trivia tourney.
* Two pairs of fencers enter and fight. The losers remain in the list. Winners report to the MoL table (and to Marshal Baron Caleb Reynolds).
* The winners will get one point for winning and get a chance to answer a trivia question about the SCA or medieval history. Then they get back in line.

The tourney will end when the first team gets seven correct answers or when we hit 4pm.

Please direct questions to the MoL.

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