Ice Dragon 2019 Merchant List

Merchant Coordinator: Lady Natsu (Heather Dow) - email merchants.dragon

  • AEthelmart - Historical leatherworks, target archery arrows and archery goods, rattan weapons
  • Aries Designs - Handmade Stained glass, jewelry, award medallions, and glass beads
  • Artful Badger Designs - Hair accessories, Leather hair sticks, gemmed hair sticks, clay hair sticks, driftwood candle holders, and wands. I have an Etsy site to review, and search for artfulbadgersdesigns one word
  • Bad Ass Garb - Hand-crafted, ultra-durable fighting garb and beautifully tailored feasting garb and garb accessories
  • Black Unicorn Wood - Handmade cold process soap, bath fizzies, body butter, and sugar scrubs.
  • Brandric's Books Etc - Replica swords, books, garb, antique saris, Viking chairs, artwork.
  • TCentral Asian Garb - Central Asian & Japanese garb
  • Cool Craniums - Skulls, furs, bones, handmade items of such, other random dead things.
  • Crafts by lee - Stuffed animals, feast gear, assorted wooden items with engraved escarbunkles
  • Far Mountain Soap – All-natural goats milk soaps,felted soaps, handmade wood weaving tools, and hand dyed tshirts with goat logo.
  • Leatherstone - Pottery
  • Mead Magic/Honey Apple Hill – Honey by pounds and pails, make-your-own-mead kits.
  • Merimask - Leather masks, leather art, leather accessories, possibly some small polymer sculpture
  • Minerva's Spindle - Top quality Spinning and Weaving supplies.
  • Moon Rock Farm - Farm raised and processed wool fleece, roving, yarn-colored with natural dyes. Pelts. Hand crafted wool felt sheets and products. Handwoven items. Handmade baskets.
  • Rowan Circle - Fabric, and garb (Viking, cloaks, 14th century).
  • Sleepy Camel Caravan - Jewelry
  • Snoods by Moniczka/Happy Pollack Soaps - Handmade snoods and hairsticks, handcrafted soaps
  • Sunshadow Design - Handmade Dress accessories, SCA regalia, Jewelry, Knives and swords, and SCA fencing weapons
  • The Humble Dragon - Metal-looking plastic jewelry (hypoallergenic), feast gear, scribal and fiber tools, and Blue Feather merchandise.
  • Uncommon Clay - Handmade, period and period-inspired pottery; handmade wooden weaving tools


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