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Pent Coordinator: Cori - Clare Jackson idpentguy AT wnysca DOT org #IfAllElseFailsYouCanBlameItOnMe

Pentathlon Registration Forms are Now Available!

Pentathlon Registration Forms are now available for all Pentathlon Participants! Find the Form here: https://tinyurl.com/Pent2019Form.

You have three ways to complete the registration form:

Print off the form, fill it in by hand, scan in the completed form, and email back to the Pentathlon Coordinator at idpentguy AT wnysca DOT org.

Use a PDF program to fill-in the registration fields, save the completed form, and email to the Pentathlon Coordinator at idpentguy AT wnysca DOT org.

Complete the form in Adobe and click the “Submit Form”. This feature will automatically send your completed form to our Pentathlon Team. **May not be available for all users**


The list of categories HAS CHANGED SIGNIFICANTLY
The rules HAVE CHANGED SIGNIFICANTLY or been expanded upon.

Most notably, several categories have been removed or recombined and a limited version of the virgin entry rule is being reintroduced.

Please read this article completely and address any questions to cori at IDPentGuy AT wnysca DOT org

Judging is also changing this year. There is a summary below and there will be separate articles regarding these changes.


1. No Kits

2. Proxy Entries will be allowed. This means that you may send your entry with another person. You will need to download, fill out, and sign the registration sheet (See rule 5).

People may not enter other artists’ work without their express permission in the form of a signed registration sheet.

3. Entrants are limited to ONE cross entry of ONE item only into ONE additional category. When cross entering you must supply a set of appropriate documentation to be present on the tables for each category entered.

If you do not have enough sets of documentation for each category you are entering an item into, this may affect your score if the judges have trouble tracking down your paperwork. Additionally, appropriate documentation for an item for one category may not be as good for a second category. The judges are not responsible for tracking down documentation that is not included on the category table the item is entered in. Be sure to mark the category on the documentation to lessen the chance that the judge will read the wrong version for that category.

4. Entrants are allowed up to TWO entries in each subcategory. Subcategories are for inspiration for our artisans (As such, we do add new sub-categories that no one has tried to enter in the past - like bread and wood turning in 2017), and more efficient allocation of judging manpower. While we intend to publish scores per subcategory this year, there is no “winning a subcategory”. Please see SCORING for more information on this topic.

Any category or sub-category may be expanded or combined to meet the needs of the entrants and/or judges.

5. All scores will be published after the event. As we have had people object to this in the past, written permission to publish scores is now a requirement for entry and is part of the registration process.

6. Group entries are allowed in both individual categories and in the Grand Pentathlon. Group entries are defined as entries in which each item entered has been worked on by all members of the group with generally equal contributions. For group entries into the Grand Pentathlon, all members must provide generally equal contributions to all items the group enters.

E.G. - Jack, Jill, and Joan work together on a loaf of bread, a piece of clothing, and a song. This is an acceptable group entry.

Jack makes a loaf of bread, Jill makes a piece of clothing, Joan sings a song. This is NOT an acceptable group entry.

An individual’s participation in a group entry may NOT be used as part of the individual’s entry in the Grand Pentathlon.

7. All items must be virgin entries. This is defined as NOT EVER HAVING WON A COMPETITION. Entrants are encouraged to enter and display items in both competitions and in non-competitive venues. Use these opportunities to increase your knowledge and make your entry better. But please leave any items that win at home or bring them for the display- only space we will be providing. There are no requirements as to time frames the item was created in.

8. The items in the Special Prize 5 in 1 may not be used to enter the Grand Pentathlon.

9. Entries may be handled only by the person entering the item, the judges for that specific category, and Pentathlon staff as determined by the Pentathlon Coordinator. Anyone else touching entries will removed from the Pent room. All judges are asked to wash their hands before handling entries and to be gentle when doing so. Gloves will be available for those judges who wish to use them.

10. Absolutely no food or drink in the Pent room other than the entries at the Culinary and Beverage category table. If you need to eat or drink, you also need a break - step outside and relax for a bit. Wash your hands before you come back.

SCORING (Back to Top)

To determine an item’s score, each item is evaluated on six criteria on a scale of 1-10 by three judges. These are added together for a potential score from 18 to 180. The criteria used are:

Documentation: the extent to which the entrant provides written material that explains what they were trying to produce, the materials used, and the processes followed, as well as appropriate historical background and source(s) for the entry.

Authenticity: the extent to which the entry uses period materials and techniques to create an item of any specified period (may be influenced by process, materials, or aesthetics).

Creativity: the extent to which the artist combined original elements and substitutions with a knowledge of period styles to create a piece that did not exist in the Middle Ages Workmanship: the extent to which the entrant uses their skill combined with knowledge of materials and techniques to produce an entry.

Complexity: the extent to which the entry was difficult to make (materials used, availability of materials, difficulty of style, number and difficulty of steps, intricate details and overall size) Aesthetics: the extent to which the elements of an entry work together to create a pleasing whole while maintaining the "flavor" of a period piece (may include elements like content, size and shape of piece, proportion, style, historical accuracy, composition, color choice, how it interacts with the viewer, and overall appeal to the viewer).

The winner of each major category (CAPITALIZED CATEGORIES) is based on the best individual or group score of all items entered into the category. Sub-categories are for efficient allocation of judging manpower and may be combined without notice at any time during the competition. Winners of major categories will be announced and prizes awarded for them at the event. We will not be awarding prizes for sub-categories.

An entrant’s Grand Pentathlon score is calculated by taking the entrant’s single highest score in each major category they are entered in. If the entrant has entered more than five major categories, the top five are used. These are added together to produce a Grand Pentathlon score. The Winner of the Grand Pentathlon is determined solely by the scores.

It is possible for a person to win five major categories and lose the Grand Pentathlon to another person who has won NO major categories. We have 18 major categories. A person scoring 50 in five major categories, winning those categories, has a Grand Pentathlon score of 250. A person scoring 150 in five other major categories, but coming in second in each to five other people thereby NOT winning the categories, will have a Grand Pentathlon score of 750. This is why we base the Grand Pentathlon on score, not on number of major categories won.

CATEGORIES (Back to Top)


Farming arts including growing plants or crops, forestry topics, and land management.

Agr1: Agriculture


Tools of the trade or accessories made for the use of animals (equestrian, beekeeping, hunting, farming, fishing, etc.... )

AnH1: Animal Husbandry


Items crafted from materials harvested from animals EXCEPT fiber arts (FIBER ARTS) and edible items (CULINARY)

AnA1: Leatherwork
AnA2: Bone
AnA3: Parchment
AnA4: Tanning and parchment making
AnA5: Other


Extremely well researched items too simple or modest to compete fairly in a more traditional category. The score would be split between the research paper and the item, with the paper being worth more than half of the points.

ApR1: Applied Research


A liquid prepared for human consumption.

Bev1: Beer & Ale
Bev2: Wine & Mead
Bev3: Cordials
Bev4: Other (including non-alcoholic)


Items made of ceramics or glass.

CaG1: Pottery
CaG2: Glasswork
CaG3: Beadmaking
CaG4: Stained glass
CaG5: Other


Non-comestible, formula or recipe-based items

CAP1: Dyeing
CAP2: Pigments, paints, and stains
CAP3: Perfumery
CAP4: Cosmetics
CAP5: Other


Items prepared for human consumption (beverages excluded).

Cul1: Main dish
Cul2: Side dish
Cul3: Sweets/ subtleties
Cul4: Breads
Cul5: Food preservation
Cul6: Other


Unique or unusual entries that don't fit in any of the traditional categories. Entries in this category must be approved by pent coordinator.

Cur1: Curiosa


Any items made of fabric

FaC1: Clothing
FaC2: Accessories
FaC3: Household items
FaC4: Other


Application of surface decoration on fabric

FaD1: Embroidery
FaD2: Applique
FaD3: Fabric printing
FaD4: Other


The arts associated with making yarn/string or the creation of fabric

Fib1: Spinning
Fib2: Weaving
Fib3: Narrow work
Fib4: Knitting, netting, nalbinding
Fib5: Lacemaking
Fib6: Other (felting, etc)


Entries in Literary Arts must be received electronically or postmarked by *** March 1, 2019 ***

Entries may be sent electronically or via hardcopy in the mail. If you do not receive a confirmation email that an electronically submitted entry has been received within 24 hours of sending it, contact me. Please contact me in advance if you are sending hard copy.

Lit1: Research paper A research paper may be written in any style which the entrant chooses (EG Chicago, ALA, etc.) The judging of the paper is to be focused on the research presented, and any theories or conclusions presented. The entrant is strongly encouraged to be consistent in the use of the style they choose.

Lit2: Musical arrange.& composition

Lit3: Poetry & prose


Items made of metal or use of metal as a decorative element.
Met1: Armor
Met2: Domestic
Met3: Jewelry
Met4: Other


Entries should not exceed 15 minutes and must be performed in the area where the judging is taking place.
Per1: Instrumental
Per2: Vocal
Per3: Physical (dance, juggling etc.)
Per4: Storytelling
Per5: Drama/Comedy/Improv
Per6: Oratory
Per7: Historic Combat - Entries of artistic endeavor showcasing a martial art of SCA period and/or used currently within the Society. The format is limited only by the entrant's creativity and safety considerations.
SPECIAL NOTE: No entry will be accepted if the presentation requires a Marshall or safety equipment to be present. No active combat (by Society definition) of any type will be allowed.

Per8: Other

SCRIBAL ARTS Items that would be made by a scribe. Handwritten and/or painted pages based on documents or manuscripts.

Scr1: Calligraphy
Scr2: Illumination


Various visual arts that require a specialized set of tools or space to create.

Stu1: Drawing & Printmaking
Stu2: Painting
Stu3: Bookmaking


Items made of wood or use of wood as a decorative element.

Wod1: Construction
Wod2: Embellishment
Wod3: Turning
Wod4: Other

YOUTH ENTRIES Youth are not required to enter in these categories. They may choose to have their work judged as an equal to any adult entry in the category appropriate to the materials and/or construction. Youth specific criteria are in development. As such, the sub-categories may be changed or expanded to better accommodate developmental levels.

You1: Ages 3-11
You2: Ages 12-17


Special competitions are established at the discretion of the Pent Coordinator in consultation with the Event Autocrat and Rhydderich Hael Baronage.


Any ONE item that can qualify for entry in a minimum of 5 of the above listed main categories. This item may not be used to qualify for the grand Pentathlon Prize. Scoring is based on the same criteria used in the Pentathlon. To determine an item’s score, each item is evaluated on these six criteria on a scale of 1-10 by three judges. These are added together for a potential score from 18 to 180.


Chosen at the discretion of the AEthelmearc Royalty. All items in all displays are eligible for and automatically entered in this competition.


Chosen at the discretion of the Rhydderich Hael Baronage. All items in all displays are eligible for and automatically entered in this competition.


My mailing address or answers to any other questions you have about the Pent are available by emailing me at IDPentGuy AT wnysca DOT org Cori Clare Jackson 2019 Ice Dragon A&S; Pentathlon Coordinator


We are moving to a materials manipulation focus for category definition. Items using the same materials or the same processes are grouped together rather than identifying items by use. For example, all things made primarily of cloth are grouped together rather than some in a clothing category and others elsewhere.

HERALDIC DISPLAY - As there is has been an ongoing major conflict regarding judging criteria for this category, it is being removed until this issue has been adequately addressed.
PERFORMANCE ARTS - MUSICAL and PERFORMANCE ARTS - NON-MUSICAL - There have been no entries in any of these categories for the last two years.

We will have a single PERFORMANCE category encompassing all aspects of performance including HISTORICAL COMBAT, provided we have a minimum of 3 performers signed up by February 28, 2019.

If you are interested in this category, please contact Artemisia da Manarola webminister @ wnysca.org

ACCESSORIES - Most ACCESSORY entries fit into the one or two categories covered by the main materials they are constructed of. CLOTHING - moved to FABRIC CONSTRUCTION.

HOUSEHOLD ARTS - Items produced for everyday use in the home. (Toiletries, cosmetics, candles, needles, decor, etc.) - Most HOUSEHOLD ARTS are covered in the new major category CHEMISTRY, ALCHEMY, AND MAGIC. Others are covered by the category for the materials they are made of LEATHERWORK - moved to ANIMAL ARTS NEEDLEWORK - moved to FABRIC DECORATION.

TOYS - Items whose primary function is to be played with. Articles that provide amusement or a way to pass time. Most TOY entries fit into the one or two categories covered by the main materials they are constructed of.


JUDGING (Back to Top)

The Ice Dragon Pentathlon is always in need of judges. Their knowledge and expertise make this competition possible. If you are interested in helping with judging, please contact Cori at idpentguy AT wnysca DOT org.

We have been slowly moving in a new direction with our approach to judging. In the past, each judge was siloed, expected to work the material and entries completely independently. It was thought at one point that this was required so that no one strong-willed judge could ‘sway’ the judging. To my knowledge, in my almost three decades of varying association with the Pentathlon, this has not been an issue.

In order to take better advantage of the variety of talents and strengths available to us in our judging cadre, we are introducing judging groups. Organized by major category topic, we would like to get judges, potential judges, associate judges, judges-in-training, and interested individuals communicating in the months leading up to the event in order to provide opportunities to discuss the methodology we use, to refine the base criteria to better suit their topic areas, to learn more about each other’s subject matter knowledge, and to better organize the judging assignments at the event. I will be talking to various guilds and groups to get this project off the ground and I will be recruiting individuals to help with organizing both ahead of time and at the event.

If you are interested but aren’t sure about the process of judging, we have a program for Associate Judges. You can sign up as an Associate Judge, get assigned to work with and shadow an experienced Judge when they go through their assigned categories.

You will have your own scoring sheets, which will be submitted to the Pent staff, and your written commentary will be provided to the participants. Yes, YOU get to provide your opinion on what’s really cool at the pent!

Interested parties may contact cori at idpentguy AT wnysca DOT org

We maintain a database of judges with contact information and the categories they feel comfortable covering. When you contact us, you will get a short questionnaire to gather this and some other information that is helpful in making judging assignments. Some of you have gotten the short-form verbally from me in the past two years. You may just be asked if your information is correct.

At this time, we need to discuss three issues that have been brought to my attention in the last year:

First. Not all people want to judge the Pentathlon.

There are any number of reasons for this, ranging from “I get cold sweats trying to judge people’s work and my anxiety about it makes me ill”, to “This is a Baronial event and they should be able to handle it with their own people”, to “I can’t stand cori and I won’t work with her” to “I have too much on my plate at Ice Dragon and I can’t fit one more thing”, to “I have judged every year for the last ten and I need time off”.

Believe me, I have heard them all.

And I have no problem with any reasons someone may have. The decision to not judge is a personal choice and the reasons for it are no one’s business but the person making that choice.

However, I cannot read minds. I am going to be chasing everybody as potential judges. If you can’t or won’t judge, let me know and I will put you on a list of people to not contact. It will helpful to know if it is a temporary or permanent decision, so if it’s only this year, we can keep your contact information for next time.

Second, there is a fascinating rumor that I periodically hear about judging competitions in general and the Ice Dragon competition in particular. Some people are convinced - and spend a lot of time convincing others - that you need to have a Kingdom level, or a Grant level, or a Peerage level arts award to be capable of judging a competition.

This is an elegant sufficiency of bovine fecal material.

I love the Laurels of the Society. I love our Fleurs. I love the Maunches, Crucibles, Willows, Argent Flames, and all the rest of the recognised artists across the Society.

I do not believe that the members of these Orders are ALL of the worthy artists of the Society.
I am happy to talk with ANYONE who is interested in judging. We need to establish your knowledge base in the areas you feel comfortable judging. You need good people skills and communication skills. And last but not least, you must be kind. We have entrants ranging from six year olds to fragile new artists entering their first competition to old pros who weathered PhD presentations at Ivy league schools. And all of them need to treated gently and with dignity.

Lastly, at the Pentathlon in 2018, we had a piece of artwork damaged. An unknown individual handled a scroll with chocolate on their hands. This is not acceptable. In an effort to prevent this from recurring, food will not be allowed in the Pent room except entries at the Culinary and Beverage category table. All judges are requested to wash their hands before handling the entries and gloves will be available. We will not be requiring them.

I will be recruiting extra staff to help supervise the tables when the Pent room is opened to the public. Please try to maintain situational awareness to help with this supervision while you are judging and reviewing entries. Please set a good example and do not handle entries you are not judging. Thank you for your assistance in helping protect our artists’ work.

And thank you for your patience waiting for the Pentathlon information and your support in making this marvelous event happen.

As always, yours in Service,

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