Salons Coordinator: Baroness Kelda email salons.dragon

Salons LOTTERY Coordinator: Rhys Penbras ap Dafydd email LOTTERYsalons.dragon.

So, what is a Salon you may ask? Ice Dragon salons are reserved, 10 x 10 spaces where you and your friends, household, etc. can set up a public reception to show off your sense of style, taste, and hospitality. You are encouraged to bring decorations, banners, table settings and the like, however, be mindful of any possible damage to the hall. Salons may not be used for business/selling purposes, guests found merchanting out of their salon will be asked to leave the event.

Due to popular demand and limited space available, it has become necessary to institute a lottery system for Salon appointments to ensure all applicants have a fair chance at obtaining a Salon space. Salons are an additional $25.00 USD. While pre-registration for the Ice Dragon event is not required to enter the Salon Lottery, all selected Salon winners must submit an event registration payment, either before, or with, their Salon payment. Multiple Group/Household members can submit a salon application, but only one Salon per Group/Household will be reserved.

To enter the Salons Lottery, please complete the Salon Application form by clicking this link.

Salon Lottery Applications must be completed by March 1st, 2019. Salon Winners will be notified and sent the relevant payment requirements via email, by March 3rd. All remaining applicants will be placed on a waiting list, in Lottery Order, and contacted as additional Salons become available.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the person who reserved the salon to take reasonable steps to protect the floor and walls in their salon space from unwanted damage! This includes, but is not limited to, padding the legs of day shades or other displays, preventing messes from dropped food and drinks, and so on. Freestanding poles, small sheet walls, etc. are acceptable. You may NOT engage in construction projects requiring power tools, bring in open flames, or otherwise block the normal flow of traffic.

If you have questions on this please ask the Salon Co-coordinator.

Remember that the site is DRY, anyone found serving alcohol will be asked to leave immediately.

If you have questions regarding the Salon Lottery, please contact the Salon Lottery Coordinator email LOTTERYsalons.dragon.


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