In Loving Memory

By Maestro Filipo de Sancto Martino of Woodland Watch

I stand here hoping to properly honor a friend and a company brother. I never had the honor to brag His Lordship into a Crown tournament, nor the opportunity to herald him in for an elevation. Today I stand here before you to ask your indulgence, to beg a boon, to ask of your time and patience so that I may brag my friend into the next world and herald him into his next great adventure.

Keepers of the entrance to the next world, though compared to you I am merely an inconsequential ant amongst giants, I ask you to hear my voice and consider my words. For my name is Maestro Filipo de Sancto Martino of Woodland Watch and I call upon you to throw open your gates, welcome my friend and brother amongst you, and clear a path so that he may adventure on.

He is His Lordship Wolfgang Stark, of the Sylvan Kingdom of AEhelmearc, the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael, the Canton of Beau Fleuve and a member of the fighting company known as Woodland Watch:

He is a Companion of the Keystone, a member of the Venerable Order of the Ice Dragon, and most honorable Order of the Millrind for exemplary and selfless service.

He is Companion of the Golden Bee and Companion of the Sycamore for his notable participation and accomplishments in the Arts and Sciences.

He is a Companion of the Golden Alce and the Dragons Combatant for Martial prowess. He is a Rhydderich Hael Baronial Champion and Iron-Man. He is a warrior, a brewer, a cook, a teacher, a scholar, a mentor, an organizer and a servant of the highest order.

But that alone does not say who he is.

This man is worthy of a brag so grand that it would require a procession one mile long so as to give the herald ample time to weave together the appropriate words to describe the quality of this man’s nobility, the impact of his service, of his good deeds, and the grand nature of his accomplishments.

Luckily, if we were to line up everyone he has helped, taught, mentored, befriended and inspired in some way… we would empty out the largest of our halls and empty all the seats and create that mile-long procession.

If you were to create a force of multiple Wolfgang Starkes that group alone could secure an event site, autocrat that event, operate troll, marshall and coordinate each martial activity, oversee the arts and sciences competition, cook the feast, wash the dishes and both stock and tend the bar at the post revel.

Such an experiment would also show that twenty five percent of the Wolfgang Starkes would irritate each other but the other seventy five percent of them would get along most famously over a few masterfully created beers of their own making. Let it also be known that one hundred percent of them would agree that the world would be a better place if brewers would stop over hopping their beers.

Be it further known, though not known for his juggling abilities Wolfgang defied gravity at all times. Imagine for a minute if you will His Lordship masterfully using a dozen hypothetical sticks to spin dozens of figurative plates with a metaphorical hat upon each for all the many jobs and projects he has taken on and executed so well. There they spin. Dozens of sticks spinning dozens of plates and dozens of hats and then… he lowers his arms…and they remain in the air spinning.

BUT that is not all. NOW imagine that while all those plates and hats continue to spin in mid air, he then begins to juggle helms, fencing masks, axes, and arrows at the same time.

And as an encore he serves drinks to hundreds for hours at a time…. While the plates and hats remain spinning… while still juggling helms and weapons.

In an essence…this is Wolfgang Starke!!!!

I shall speak of his generosity, if we were to earn a farthing for every drink that His Lordship could create and serve freely by his own hands for just three hours, we would have more than enough to commission carriage fare home for all in attendance. For I tell you with every confidence that after three hours of this man’s generosity and masterfully crafted libations we would be lucky to stand let alone drive a carriage home.

Gatekeepers to that next great adventure, make way and allow our friend upon his way. He will make your lands better by his service, he will defend your lands with his sword, defend your walls with his bow, educate all with his knowledge and keep the feast hall well fed by his cooking and in good spirits by his brews.

But most of all, make way for one of the best of us… Make way for His Lordship Wolfgang Starke!